Computing resources:

  • Holland Computing Center (
  • Linux cluster (Tusker): 6.784 compute-nodes with minimum 256 GB RAM and 523TB of shared storage.
  • Linux cluster (Sandhills): 5.632 compute-nodes with up to 196 GB RAM/node and 175TB of shared storage.
  • Linux cluster (Crane): Fast computing resource with 121.8 TeraFlops and shares 1.5 PetaBytes of storage.


Bioinformatics Resources:

  • Common core of Bioinformatics resources: Holland Computing Center maintains a common core of standard Bioinformatics and statistical tools. Tools are by default available to all the users. (  
  • For numerous short-term jobs/programs (requiring low computational power), Open Science Grid (OSG) resources are available to HCC users.
  • Group is also supported by well equipped “Bioinformatics Core”, which provides computational-biology services. (


Knowledge resources:

  • “Big Data Consortium” is one of the endeavors of the “Computational Science Initiative” to pool the research labs working on high-volume biological data. (